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the BORO


The story starts with the environment of a village in Assam, India. A simple daily lifestyle of villagers, at the same point in time in the cities these people are labeled as Militant, Extremist, Terrorist, etc by the Media and so-called elite community and these things are being articulated and circulated everywhere.

Anamika who herself is a Boro starts a journey with her small crew to dig out the truth behind this term Bodo Militant and the existence and history of Boro or Bodo community so that people should know that her community is a community and not any Militant or Extremist type of thing, and the whole story begins with her narration.

Boro community has its own colorful ethnic identity, own religion, own language, own culture and tradition, own lifestyle, food habits, etc. that are one of its kind, from thousands of years, for this, every Boro feels proud of it.
After signing three accords, until today, why this Boro community is feeling neglected and unsafe ? Why the identity and existence of a community are at stake ? When will the struggle of Boro end ?

the Documentary ends with all these responses...


Anamika Basumatary

Anamika Basumatary is a Diploma Holder from Television and Film Productions form Asian Academy, Noida. She worked as a journalist and an assistant director in different documentary films before she turned to be an independent Documentary Filmmaker. She belongs to the Boro tribe and aspires to be a teller of true stories through her research work and film production. 'the BORO' is her debuted documentary film.

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Nishant Balgovind

Nishant Balgovind was a freelance Assistant Director in Mumbai, turned a Documentary Filmmaker. He has worked in Hindi Movie as an AD before he committed himself in making documentary movies independently for the cause of the poor, deprived and neglected and truth. 'the BORO' is his debuted documentary film.

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Kampa Borgoyari

Dy. Chief - Bodoland Territorial Council

One of the best-researched documentaries to date, we can call it millennium research on Boro Community

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Jason Knight

UK Film Review

This magnificent project has a great deal to offer

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N. P. Sahay(IPS)

Retd. I. G. Police

It is necessary to show this Documentary to the masses
so that the actual history & life of Boro will come to light

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